Insurance in the UAE 2023

information about the company

Emirates Insurance Company (PJSC) – which is considered one of the leading insurance companies in the region under Law No. 6 of 1982. The company opened its doors with a small number of employees through its only branch in Abu Dhabi. And yet

After 30 years of commitment, distinguished services and a sense of responsibility towards all beneficiaries, Emirates Insurance Company – a semi-governmental

company – currently operates through 30 offices across the UAE employing more than 250 employees.

The Emirates Insurance Company is currently considered one of the 4 largest insurance companies based on total written premiums and has obtained an “A-rating”, which is an excellent rating from AM BEST Credit Rating Company. This rating indicates the financial strength and professional management of the company.

The insurance regulator

The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates is responsible

for supervising and regulating the insurance sector

in implementation of Federal Decree Law No 25 of 2020,

according to which it was decided to merge the Insurance Authority

with the Central Bank.

Based on this merger, the Central Bank will continue to apply the decisions,

regulations, circulars and regulations previously issued by

Types of insurance services

• Life insurance

The headquarters of

the Insurance and Social Precautionary Control Authority,

Al-Arar Street, Hay Al-Riyad – Raba

+ 212 5 38 06 08 18contact@acaps.

ma+ 212 5 37 71 35 08

Useful Contacts Directorate of Communication and International Relations Department of Communication

/ Department of International Relations


ma+212 5 38 06 09 91/08 90

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