The party scandal” .. threatens Johnson’s hopes of returning to power

Against the background of the investigation into the partying scandal..London police announced, yesterday, Friday, that it had sent British Prime Minister Boris Johnson a questionnaire to answer them, as part of an investigation

he was conducting regarding parties organized in “Downing Street”, during the period of closure that the country witnessed to combat Covid-19. 19.

A police spokesman confirmed, in a statement, that “the prime minister has received a form of questions from the London police. He will answer them as appropriate.”

And the investigators in this case announced, on Thursday evening, that they would contact “more than 50 people” to obtain their testimonies regarding this scandal that threatens Johnson’s political future.

• Johnson apologizes to the British Parliament

Johnson apologized for attending a party in Downing Street, his residence in May 2020, when the staff at the headquarters were asked to bring their liquor to the party.

This concert came at a time when strict rules prevented the public from almost all forms of social closeness.

In light of public anger that the government did not abide by

the closure rules it imposed on people during the epidemic, an internal investigation was opened about this party and a number of other parties, including two separate parties held on the eve of the funeral of Prince Philip, the husband of the British Queen.

•Against the background of the investigation into the partying scandal, Johnson resigns

These were details against the background of the investigation into the partying scandal.. Johnson resigns from the British Parliament and puts new pressure on Sonak. We hope that we have succeeded by giving you the full details and informatio


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