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Genesis of gas cars: Gas cars started in the 1990s. The main reason was that the cost of consuming gas is less than gasoline by almost half the price, especially in European and East Asian countries, due to the high price of gasoline in them. There are more than 600 million cars in the world, only 3% of them run on gas.

Advantages and disadvantages of cars that run on natural gas

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of natural gas cars through the following lines. Here are the advantages of natural gas cars

1/ The use of natural gas as fuel for cars reduces the level of carbon emissions in the air.

2/ In addition, the price of natural gas is lower than its conventional counterpart, whether gasoline or diesel.

3 / Maintains engine oil for as long as possible. In addition to this, natural gas cars are technically safe for consumers

Disadvantages of natural gas cars

1/Natural gas cars occupy a large amount of space in the rear trunk.

2/ In addition, natural gas cars represent a huge burden on the back of the car wheels, due to the weight of the gas tube, which is usually attached to the car’s rear luggage box.

3/ The use of natural gas instead of gasoline as fuel for cars accelerates engine damage due to the removal of the carbon layer that protects it.4 Information about gas-powered cars

When you buy a gas-powered car, it will often come with abbreviations on the rear bumper of the car.

The common abbreviation is LPG, which refers to the liquefied gas in this engine, while the second abbreviation is

I-CNG, which means that the car engine works with compressed natural gas, and then it is converted into liqui

How many gas cars around the world?

To know how little gas cars spread around the world, according to one of the statistics, there are more than 600 million cars around the world, of which only 18 million are gas-powered cars.

Do you see that the number of 18 million gas cars around the world is small,

but you have to realize that the European market has the lion’s share, as it owns 10 million of them, and the rest is distributed worldwide.

How do gas cars work?

1/Once the car is filled with gas, it is added to a sealed tank inside the vehicle, and then the pressure for this gas will be reduced.

2/Then the gas passes through a filter for purification

3/Then this gas is transmitted to a sensor connected to the computer in order to know the temperature of the gas as well as the level of pressure in it, then the nebulizers open so that the gas is released into the engine.

The most prominent types of gas-powered cars

•The car Hyundai Elantra 2020•

The car Chevrolet Cruze 2020

The car Toyota Corolla 2020

The car Fiat 500 model 2020

The car Honda Civic 2020

•The car Honda Accord 2020

•The car Mini Cooper 2020

The Russian company “AvtoVAZ” launches a gas and petrol car

The Russian company AvtoVAZ has launched the production and sale of the dual-fuel Lada Granta CNG sedan, which can be refueled with gasoline and gas.

And the partner, together with its partner ATS-Avto LLC, announced the start of production and sale of a dual-fuel modification of the Lada Granta sedan equipped with methane equipment.

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