Gas prices in some countries for the year 2023

The price of gas in the United States of America.

The US Energy Information Administration expected, in a report issued on Tuesday, May 16, that the spot price of natural gas in Henry Hope will rise during the rest of this year, from its recent lowest levels, which approached two dollars per million British thermal units, supported by increased demand.

The US Department of Energy’s statistical arm estimates that gas prices in the US will reach a monthly average of $3.71 per million British thermal units in December 2023, up from $2.16 per million British thermal units in April.

•Gas prices in the Arab country of Egypt 2023

The price of natural gas for the first tranche, from 0 cubic meters to 30 cubic meters, is set to be 2.35 pounds per cubic meter.

The meter of natural gas for the second tranche will start from 31 cubic meters to 60 cubic meters, which is 3.10 pounds per cubic meter.

The price of the third tranche, which starts from 61 cubic meters and even more than that, is 3.60 pounds per cubic meter.

And when the head of the family tries to search and find out the price of the natural gas bill, he must enter the Petrotrade website, to find out how much the price of the natural gas bill is.

And then work on:

1/ Choose to record the natural gas meter reading.

2/ Then select the province.

3/ After choosing the governorate, choose the area to which the natural gas meter belongs.

4/ Write the apartment number of the natura

Gas prices in the UAE 2023

Today, ADNOC Distribution issued the prices of natural gas in the United Arab Emirates, and it is also working to encourage car owners to convert their vehicles to the use of natural gas in order to contribute to reducing the negative impact on the environment, due to the emission of toxic gases, and the prices of natural gas in the UAE are as follows.

Updating gas prices

1/ The price of a 11-kilogram cylinder is 60 dirhams instead of 87.15 dirhams

2/ The price of a 22-kilogram cylinder is 115 dirhams instead of 124.75 dirhams

3/ The price of a 44-kilogram cylinder is 230 dirhams instead of 299.25 dirhams

How much gas cylinders are filled in Saudi Arabia 2023?

The price of filling a gas cylinder in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is 18.85 Saudi riyals, including the value added tax, but it does not include transportation and installation fees. Kingdom lands.

Italy – LPG prices

We offer prices starting from 27 February 2023 AD. To the day 05 of the month of 8 of the year 2023 AD. The average price during this period reached 0.78 (Euro), where the lowest price was 0.74 (Euro) on 29 April 2023 AD. And the highest is 0.81 (the euro) on the 27th of February 2023 AD. by analogy,

The average price of LPG in the world for this period is 0.66 Euro. Italy: The data for the country and other countries in our database are obtained from official government sources, regulatory agencies, petroleum companies, and m

media sources

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The UAE company, ADNOC, provides job opportunities


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