Vacancies in companies in the Gulf countries 2023

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The oilgascare. website offers the latest jobs in oil companies and airports. banks; and restaurants in the Gulf countries

We will present some of the jobs that our site, oilgascare, offers in this article, and we will also learn about the conditions and method of applying for the job. Follow the article until you reach the paragraph on how to apply in

In this article, we will present the latest jobs offered by the largest companies in the Gulf countries, and we will start with the following:

•Jobs of oil companies and others in Saudi Arabia

1/ Vacancies offered by Aramco Petroleum Company during the year 2023

2/ Saudi Marai Company announces new jobs, get to know them from Hana

3/ Saudi Danak Company jobs

4/ Al Fanar Company jobs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

5/ Al Yamamah Company jobs

6/ King Faisal bin Hospital Saudi announces the availability of jobs, condition of experience

Banking and banking jobs in Saudi Arabia

1/ The Saudi Bank announces its need for cashiers and security guards

2/ Al-Rajhi Bank wishes to hire workers in several fields

Note: For more details and application, click on the desired company name to apply

Jobs in companies and hotels in Qatar

1/ Qatar Oracle Jobs

2/ Shell Petroleum Company in Qatar

3/ Hamad International Airport announces many job opportunities for all nationalities

4/ Qatar Energy announces jobs for all nationalities

5/ Regzon Qatar announces vacancies

Malls of Qatar jobs

1/ Shopping Mall of Qatar announces jobs in new departments that opened for the year 2023

2/ Lulu Hypermarket jobs

Jobs in the State of Kuwait

1/ Kuwaiti Nama Company

2/ Kuwait Oil Company

3/ Kuwait Airways

Also, the jobs offered by airports in the Gulf countries will be discussed,

It is one of the airports where jobs are available for all nationalities from the age

of 25:55, which requires some conditions and experiences that will be accessed by clicking on the link to submit a resume to work at the state’s airport.

Airports in the Gulf countries that offer jobs

1/ Bahrain Airport announces vacancies

2/ Saudi Arabia Airport

3/ Doha Airport in Qatar

4/ Vacancies at Dubai Airport

The site also offers some other topics that may interest you and will be addressed in the article

Other topics that may interest you


1/ Watch the deal that took place between Messi and the American Miami club

2/ The transfer of Madrid star Karim Benzema to a Saudi club

•The site presents topics in the economy and politics

1/ The Turkish elections and the votes won by Recep Tayyip Erdogan

2/ The fall of the Musk Stock Exchange

3/ Pines approved for the presidency this year

4/ Witness the rise in oil prices in America for the year 2023

Note: To find out more details, please click on the topic that you would like to know about the details or methods of submission. It will be transferred to the website and contact numbers for submission

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