Messi is on the cusp of deciding his future and hopes of returning to Barcelona are fading

With the Lionel Messi era at Paris Saint-Germain drawing to a close, the Argentine striker will soon reveal his future, but hopes of a romantic return to Barcelona appear to be fading.

Messi, who will turn thirty-

six this June, is the historic scorer for Barcelona and the biggest icon of the Catalan club.

He was forced to leave the “Blaugrana” in tears with the expiration of his contract in 2021, because the club was unable to bear the costs of keeping him.

Coach Xavi Hernandez has been pressing hard for the world champion’s return, but Messi’s camp has told the Spanish media that he has not received any offer from Barcelona ye

Xavi told Diario Sport, “For me, there is no doubt that if Messi returns, he will help us at the football level.

And that’s what I told the president.” Barcelona is awaiting La Liga approval of the financial feasibility plan before spending in the summer transfer window.

“At the moment it seems difficult for Messi to return to Barcelona,” said the association’s president, Javier Tebas, in April. Barcelona is not like PSG who has a fuel tap and money to pay a big salary.

The rules of fair financial play in the Spanish League currently do not allow Barcelona to spend more than 40 percent of any savings it made through salary cuts or player sales, due to the club’s losses

And even if they manage to generate enough new income to get rid of the league’s financial constraints, what they can offer Messi will be modest

By contrast, anywhere else Messi would earn a royal salary of hundreds of millions.

A source close to the deal told AFP last May that “Al-Barghout” has an agreement to move to the Saudi League,

to join his former rival in Real Madrid, Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, in the Gulf Kingdom.

– Risks –

Many Barcelona fans and coach Xavi would like Messi to add a necessary conclusion to a story left unfinished by his sudden departure.

Messi showed, by leading Argentina to World Cup glory in Qatar in 2022, that he is still able to provide an elite level if the motivation exists.

The Argentine remains the favorite to win the Ballon d’Or and is still great at breaking down stubborn defences, something Barcelona struggled with even on their way to winning La Liga this season.

Messi’s return would be costly in terms of wages but, without a transfer fee, could represent good value for a club hungry for success in the short term.

“Reclaiming” Messi’s legacy is positive in itself, as it guarantees that he will finish his footballing career at the club where he spent two decades.

The return of fairy tales

The romance and the chance to end his glorious chapter in the club’s history is tempting, but as Barcelona move forward and transform, it may be a mistake for both club and player to look to the past.

Some believe that Barcelona should not direct a large part of their limited financial resources towards an aging great when there are obvious places where the team needs improvement.

Xavi said replacing veteran midfielder Sergio Busquets, who is leaving the team, is key to any success next season.

Barcelona also needs a first choice in the right-back position, and a reserve for Polish striker Robert Lewandowski and a left winger.

Some fans worry that Messi’s return could tarnish his impressive legacy at Barcelona and hinder the team’s progress at the same time. Messi may see that in terms of his legacy, there is more to lose than gain by returning to Barcelona.

d as Paris Saint-Germain hosts the French champion, Clermont club, in the last French League match for this season, on Saturday, and it is expected that Messi’s future will be the center of attention after the final whistle.


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