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The Qatar Financial Center has launched the company responsible for providing settlement, payment and custody services

Securities. Which means the kinetic mortgage record of securities, which is a database

A public electronic document containing information about the public mortgage rights obtained

On movable funds, the functions of the Qatar Financial Center include the following:

/Internal Auditor

/ Compliance Officer / risk officer

/ HR Officer

/ Customer Support Specialist

/ P2P Investigation Specialist

You can learn about the available jobs in detail and know how to apply

The institution offers many benefits to its employees, including:

Comprehensive and competitive salary packages that may include salary free of local taxes

Full consideration of the family situation

• Housing allowances

• Helping educate children

• Free medical and dental care Papers required for job applicants

• A copy of the academic qualification

•A copy of the national identity card Passport for expatriates

• A copy of the military service certificate

• Automated birth certificate.

For more details about jobs in the Gulf countries, Europe and America, visit the company’s website

And we return to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,

where the banking sector jobs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabic


The Central Bank of Saudi Arabia announced the opening of applications for the training program

Cooperative in a number of bank departments for university students for the third semester of the year 2023.

The Central Bank of Saudi Arabia, formerly known as the Saudi Monetary Authority, was established in

1952, also known as SAMA, is the central bank of the Kingdom of inSaudi Arabi

It is considered the most serious and professional regulator in the banking sector in the Gulf region.

And the best risk manager at the level of central banks in the world for the years 2018-2019

This is according to the Central Banking Committee

It is worth noting that the bank is headed by Ayman Al-Sayahi who was appointed as the governor of the bank

Historical view of the Saudi Bank:

When the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia was established, the kingdom did not have any financial system of its own.

It was foreign currencies that were used in commercial transactions, in addition to the currency

Saudi Silver.

Therefore, the first task of the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia after its establishment was

Developing a banking system and issuing

a national paper currency

in addition to developing businesses Banking and issuing a system for banks and regulating their work.

In March 1961, the national currency was converted into the Saudi riyal. And the central bank cared

Saudi Arabia in the 1970s and 1980s managed to control inflation while the Saudi is growing steadily.economy was turbulent

In its announcement, the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia mentioned the opening of applications for the cooperative training program

It requires certain specializations, namely:

namely: Engineering majors in all its branches.

•Majors in law and the English language.

• All financial, accounting

and administrative specializations

•Technical disciplines in all its branches.


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