Lusail Katara Hotel jobs in Qatar, with a salary starting from 5,500 riyals..Continuous updating

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Lusail Katara Hotel jobs in Qatar, with a salary starting from 5,500 riyals..Continuous updating


a modern city that was built north of Doha, the capital of the State of Qatar.

The total area of ​​Lusail City is 38 square kilometers, and there are 4 islands and 19 multi-use commercial, residential, and recreational areas, to make it an integrated city with places for entertainment, residential, and other facilities.

public facilities, and the city of Lusail accommodates 200,000 residents and 170,000 employees, and the city can receive 80,000 visitors,

thus hosting 450,000 people

and includes many facilities, housing units and offices of different sizes

and includes 22 hotels of the highest style and various international classifications of stars, so that it becomes An element to attract investment to the State of Qatar.

The city of Lusail includes both the energy city and the entertainment city, and it is bordered to the southeast by the Qatar Pearl project

Here we present to you all the data and details of today’s job that many people who specialize in the field of work in hotels are looking for, but all the basic specifications required by the hotel group to choose to join it must be present, which you will get to know through your good reading of this job arti

As the Lusail Katara Hotel in the State of Qatar is considered one of the most important hotels in Qatar, as well as many other countries, as it serves all

the well-known and delicious foods that all customers enjoy in the hotel, so it is highly popular with visitors, and admires the beauty and cleanliness of the place.

Also, the good treatment of the workers in this hotel for all its visitors,

Hotels require the necessary specifications to make a good choice for everyone who wants to work in them, the most important of which is that he has a civilized appearance,

has distinguished skill, and experiences of not less than two years in the field of working in hotels,

and as a result these hotels have become successful It is widely used as well as increasing its financial return,

and Lusail Katara Hotel is considered one of the most famous hotel groups in the State of Qatar at all

Lusail Katara Hotels in the State of Qatar requires the experience of its applicants to be no less than two years in the specialty of working in hotels,

and they are highly motivated to reach hotels to a great stage of progress, so they announce their needs for information technology executives, mechanics, air conditioning technicians, purchasing managers, technicians, warehouse employees, Laundry and kitchen technicians, engineering store keepers.

Also looking for Refrigeration Technicians, Painters, HVAC Technicians, Hostesses, Guest Service Agents, Waiters/Waitresses, Bell Attendants, Domestic Care Staff, Laundry Workers, Executive Housekeeper Helpers, In addition to Needs Chef de Cuisine

– Georgian Cuisine Specialist, People and Culture Coordinators , IT Cluster Managers, Head Chef, Home Care Staff.Sales Executives – Entertainment, Demi Chef de Partie

– Pastry, Sous Chef (Greek Restaurant), Marketing Executives, Demi Chef De Partie – Pastry, Steward, Marketing and Communications Managers, Spa

Therapists, Commissaries, Sales Executives, Hotel Conductor Very Excellent Salaries Exceeding 5500 riyals.Social insurance, free accommodation, free transportation,

and many advantages that provide a decent life for every young man who specializes in this field, and that every young man who specializes in this field must apply to be appointed, as it is considered a unique opportunity to obtain all the benefits provided by the group in this field. field, it is encouraged through incentives, rewards, and many wonderful benefits.

Necessary jobs available in Lusail Katara hotels in Qatar

_ IT Executives

_ Mechanics _ Air Conditioning Technicians

_ Purchasing Managers _ Warehouse Staff

_ Laundry & Kitchen Technicians

_ Storekeepers Engineering

_ Refrigeration Technicians

_ Painters _ HVAC Technicians

_ Hostesses _ Guest Service Agents _ Waiter / Waitress _ Bell Attendants

_ Home Care Staff _ Laundry Workers _ Executive _Housekeeper Assistants

_ Chef de Cuisine – Georgian Cuisine Specialist

_ People and Culture Coordinator

_Cluster IT Managers Head Chef Home Care Staff Sales Executives

_Entertainment Sales Executives Demi Chef de Partie

– Pastry Sous Chef (Greek _Restaurant) Marketing Directors Demi Chef De Partie

– Pastry Steward Marketing

_and Communications Directors Spa Therapists Sales Executives Security Guards Data Entry _and Supervisors

All the extra benefits of a day job

_ The main occupation place: Qatar

_ Job details: Lusail Katara Hotel in the State of Qatar

_ The specified salary: 5,500 riyals Nationality: Arabs

_ Profession experience: starts from one to two years

_ Qualification: No university qualification is required Gender: male, female

The most important characteristics that the applicant must possess, which are required by the job

_ He is distinguished by cooperation with his colleagues by work, focus, honesty, and honesty.

_Excellent in English language, spoken and written.

_ He doesn’t have any organic or neurological problems.

_ He has a good appearance, and a distinctive style. Distinguished and previous experience in the field.

_ Good communication skill, and tact with others.

_ His age ranges from twenty-five to forty-five years old

_ He has good morals, sophisticated, and civilized behavior.

_ He made multiple achievements, and obtained certificates of appreciation in the required field.

How to send all the information and experiences of the applicant for appointment at the Lusail Katara Hotel in the State of Qatar, please send the applicant’s resume and experiences to



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