Vacancies in oil companies 2023. All qualifications

The Ministry of Petroleum announces the opening of recruitment doors for vacant positions in the Ministry of Petroleum companies for the year 2023, as it has been announced that there are vacancies that require higher qualifications, in addition to some other jobs that require holders of intermediate qualifications, diplomas and their equivalent

Brief introduction about the company

Misr Petroleum is an Egyptian government company, and one of the Egyptian petroleum sector companies, which was established to be the largest petroleum products marketing company in Egypt

Where it markets and transports petroleum products according to the quotas decided by the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation,

the company is considered the oldest petroleum company inIt has been operating since 1911 and was known at that time as Shell Egypt

Ltd., until Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized it and transferred it to the public sector in 1964 under its current name as one of the national companies

Where the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources reported the need for employment in a number of different departments and specializations in oil companies and the Ministry as follows:

1/ Specializing in legal affairs in an oil company

2/ Specializing in chemists in oil companies 3/ Jobs in the pharmacists department

4/ Administrative jobs in oil companies

5/ Specializing in public relations

6/ Jobs as electrical engineers in oil companies

7/ Jobs as lawyers in oil companies

8/ Occupation Buffet in an oil company

9/A section for doctors in oil companies 10/Accounting department in oil companies 11/Security supervisor in the petroleum sector

12/Supervisors of oil feeding companies 13/Emergency department in the oil sector 14/Vacant jobs for drivers in oil companies 15/Nursing department in oil companies

16/ administrative jobs in oil companies

17/ specializing in mechanical engineers 18/ first aid department

19/ specializing in electrical technicians in the petroleum sector

20/ welding jobs in oil companies

21/ aircraft catering (covering

13 airports across Egypt)

22/ catering and station service (ongoing Completion of renovations at stations)

The company exports products to African and Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, Ghana, Zambia, Togo, Malta, and others

The company always strives to achieve the quality policy that it adhered to by obtaining the ISO 9000 certificate,

the ISO 14000 certificate, and

the OHSAS 18000 certificate.

What are the available jobs at Misr Petroleum Refining Company?

We have brought you today all the information related to the jobs of the Misr Oil Refining Company. You can apply for the company’s jobs through:

Email is: Yakoutm80@gmail.comNo.

Mobile: 01017910256

What are the conditions for applying for the jobs of Misr Petroleum Refining Company?

1/ Applying for jobs does not require any experience.

2/ Applicants must have higher qualifications

What are the advantages of joining the jobs of Misr Oil Refining Company?

The duration of these positions is full time. Salaries start from 3,000 Egyptian pounds to 5,000 Egyptian pounds. In addition to incentives that start from 500 Egyptian pounds to 1250 Egyptian pounds.

Here, we have reached the end of the article, and we have explained to you, our followers, all the information

related to applying for the jobs of the Egyptian Petroleum Refining Company in terms of their conditions, the distinction of joining them, and how to apply for those jobs.

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