The Saudi Transport Company, STC, announces the availability of vacancies for the year 2023

An introductory brief

about the  Saudi

*Telecom  Company


Saudi Arabia (in English: STC KSA), which is the main branch of the Saudi STC Group and the first operator of telecommunications services in

The Saudi Telecom Company was established as a Saudi joint stock company under Royal Decree No. M/35 dated

(April 21, 1998 AD), which stipulated transferring the Telegraph and Telephone Sector of the Ministry of Telegraph,

Post and Telephone with its various components and technical and administrative capabilities to the company, and in accordance with Saudi Cabinet Resolution No. 213 dated

(April 20, 1998 AD)

The company’s articles of association were approved and the company was wholly owned by the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at that time

Services provided by the Saudi Telecom Company

•Access services Overview Fiber optic connection to the home Fiber optic connection to the tower VPN LAN …

•Data Services Learn about Data and Internet Services Overview Dedicated Internet Local Association Service

• Utility Services Overview ‘unlit’ fiber service Mutual Share (IBS) Embedded chip

The Saudi Telecom Company (STC) announced the availability of (34) job opportunities

(administrative, technical, engineering) for both genders with a bachelor’s degree

– Compliance Supervisor

– Director of Information Security Division

– Marketing Supervisor

– Director of Products and Solutions Strategy Division

– Contracts Management Supervisor

– Senior Strategic Planning Specialist

– Director of Business Requirements Management Division

– Project Management Specialist

– Local Content Planning Supervisor

– Quality Assurance Supervisor

– Account Executive Manager

– Senior Senior General Projects Specialist

– Marketing Supervisor – Business Development Supervisor – Strategic Management Supervisor

– Senior Management Communications Analyst for the Office of the CEO

– Protocol Supervisor

– Administrative Supervisor

– Director of Threat Control Division and Group Organization for Cyber ​​Security

– Principal Investment Expert

– Special Audit Expert

– Internal Audit Specialist – Internal Audit Supervisor

_Job benefits offered by the company

•A basic monthly salary commensurate with the position occupied by the employee

•Housing allowance

•Medical insurance for employees and their families

Required majors

– Communications Engineering

– Electronics Engineering

– Wireless Communications Engineering

– Computer Engineering

– Project Management

– Quality Management – Business Administration

– Management Information Systems

– Public Relations

– Economics – Marketing – Digital Marketing – Sales – Finance – Accounting – Engineering – Computer Science – Information Technology – Information Security – Cyber ​​Security


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