The Arabian Gulf Oil Company announces a vacancy for 2023 jobs and submission in the following article

Gulf Oil Company jobs in Kuwait

It is the most demanded job in the oil sector, as the company annually offers many job opportunities to obtain various competencies in the oil field, and despite the presence of employment offices in oil companies, submission through the Gulf Oil Company jobs link in Kuwait is the most effective.

Therefore, in this article, we worked on mentioning the most important required jobs, and we put a link to Gulf Oil Company jobs with how to submit an employment application to the Gulf Oil Company

Among the functions are the following:

Electrical engineer position. Geological engineer position. Metallurgical engineer. Industrial engineer job. Safety and security engineer. Project manager position. •Storekeeper. Drilling employees and workers. Oil technicians. Security guard job. Mine technician. Oil rig operator. Secretarial employee. Transport workers. Distributed workers. Drivers

* How to apply

for the job, you can also contact the e-mail of the Employment Support Department

The conditions for applying for Gulf Oil Company jobs can be summarized as follows:

• That he possesses the educational qualification for the job title he wants. The applicant must also be fully fluent in the English language

. In addition, the applicant must obtain acceptance in the job interview determined by the company. Submit all required documents and papers. For example, a copy of the qualification, a copy of the experience certificate

The date of establishment of the Gulf Oil Company

The company’s principal activities include exploration and production of crude oil, natural gas and refined petroleum products

 Objectives of the Kuwait Gulf Oil Company

compete with the global oil sectors. Work to develop the oil reality in the invested fields, which will reflect positively on the total production. • Discovering oil and gas sites in Kuwait and working to invest them in cooperation with the competent authorities. • Undertaking all operations related to oil refining, transporting, storing, distributing and exporting refined products. • Contribute to meeting the market needs of oil derivatives and industrial compounds resulting from refining operations. • Marketing Kuwait’s share of oil and selling it in the form of crude oil, or in the form of refined products and industrial derivatives.

Gulf Oil Company website

To the north of the International Training Center and to the east of the Youth Sports Club and near the Ahmadi Traffic Department and the National Petroleum Company

Where it is possible to reach the company’s headquarters from other governorates by following King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz Road, or Al-Maqwa Road


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