Al Rajhi Bank jobs in Saudi Arabia 2023

Advantages of working at Al Rajhi Bank:

– Medical insurance for the employee and his legal dependents

– Housing and transportation allowance – Basic salary bonus for the month of Ramadan- Loans and advances to employees in accordance with the bank’s regulations. Annual bonuses. Paid annual leave (30 days). – Intensive and specialized training programs locally and abroad – Competitive salaries

An introductory note on Al-Rajhi Bank

Al-Rajhi Bank is a Saudi Islamic bank, founded in 1957.

Al-Rajhi Bank is one of the major joint-stock banking companies, with a capital of (forty million Saudi riyals)

Al-Rajhi Bank started its activity in 1957 AD. Al-Rajhi Bank has

has experience that extends for more than 50 years in the field of banking and commercial activities.

The first branch of a bank for men was opened in Al-Dirah neighborhood in Riyadh in 1957 AD, while the first was opened in Al-Shumaisi district

The year 1978 AD witnessed the merging of various institutions carrying Al-Rajhi name under one umbrella in Al-Rajhi Banking Company

Advantages of private banking membership:

Mada Infinite Card

_ Distinguished transfer limit _ Financial solutions _ Investment products and services

Jobs available in Al Rajhi Bank

– Sales Consultant

– Telesales Representative Required Qualifications

(no specialization required)

– Bank cleaners

– Security guards

How to apply

for the job, click…here


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