National Bank of Egypt jobs 2023

In this article, we present to you the details of the National Bank of Egypt’s announcement for the year 2023, as the National Bank of Egypt announced its need for a number of jobs, with the following terms and titles.


1- Commerce departments (Accounting, Taxation, Finance, Marketing, Management, Foreign Trade)

2- Business Administration (Banks, Credit, Finance, Human Resources and Information Systems)

3- Economics and Political Science (Economics, Statistics)

4- Information Technology

5- Computers and Information 6- Computer Engineering Departments of Computers and Communications 7- Law

National Bank of Egypt Establishment of the Bank

Where the National Bank of Egypt is considered the oldest and largest bank in Egypt, established on June 25, 1898.

It currently has a network of branches amounting to 516 branches in Egypt, of which 267 branches provide all banking services to the external public, 35 units carry out all banking business, and 36 offices in tourist facilities that provide foreign currency exchange service.

In addition to the external presence in a number of different continents of the world

The bank was able to maintain its distinguished position throughout its constructive career by keeping pace with all banking innovations, developing its services system, and using the latest electronic systems in order to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction for its customers.

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Al Ahly Bank Exchange Company

It is the most important arm of the National Bank to stabilize the exchange rate.

The main goal of establishing

• The Egyptian Company for Real Estate Asset Management and Investment

• Al Ahly Real Estate Finance Company

•Al Ahly Company for Financial Leasing

•Al-Ahly Medical Services Company

•Al-Ahly Company for Land Reclamation and Cultivation

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