Al-Inma Company announces the availability of many jobs for different nationalities and in various fields


Alinma Tokio Marine Company is a Saudi joint stock company established in 2012

Alinma Tokio Marine Company carries out insurance and reinsurance activities in all branches of insurance, according to the Cooperative Insurance

Companies Control Law and its implementing regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Alinma Bank, a Saudi

joint stock company, was established by Royal Decree No. (M/15) dated 28/2/1427 AH and in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Law issued by Royal Decree No. (M/6) dated 3/22/1385 AH, the Banking Control System and Cabinet Resolution No. ( 245) dated 10/26/1407 AH, as well as other regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The purposes of the bank are to engage in banking and investment business. The main center of the bank is the city of Riyadh

The IPO was launched in 2008

1,500,000,000 billion five hundred million shares were offered, and the percentages for the founders are as follows:

10% owned by the Public Investment Fund, 10% owned by the Public Pension Agency,10% owned by the General Organization for Social Insurance, and 70% owned by shareholders who are Saudi citizens

Enmaa Projects

_Kuwait University

-National market projec

_ Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior Affairs

Required jobs.

1- Cashier

2- A customer service employee


1- The applicant must be of Saudi nationality.

2- Bachelor’s degree in administrative disciplines.

3- The cumulative average should be (good) or above.

4- A recent graduate of the year (2018 AD) or (2019 AD).

5- It is necessary to clarify the place of residence (the city) and the number

how to apply

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