Al-Fanar Company announces the offering of jobs (administrative, engineering, technical) for men and women who hold diplomas and bachelor’s degrees as recent graduates

Fields of work
1/ administrative jobs
2/ engineering jobs
3/ technical jobs
4/ financial jobs

* Required disciplines:
1/ Industrial Engineering
2/ Information Technology
3/ Computer Science
4/ Business Administration
5/ Business Analysis
6/ Data Science
7/ Electrical Engineering
8/ Human Resources
9/ Marketing
10/ Public Relations
11/ Communication
12/ Information Systems Administrative
13/ Computer Engineering
14/ Accounting
15/ Finance
16/ Mechanical Engineering
17/ Civil Engineering
18/ Post-secondary diploma (all disciplines)

*General conditions:
1/ Proficiency in using a computer.
2/ Availability of the required skills for each job.
3/ Experience is not required for all positions.
4/ The applicant, male or female, must be a Saudi national.
5/ Proficiency in English (good level or above)

How to apply for the job….

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