Nadak Company announces training opportunities through the (Tahrir) program for training on the job for the diploma campaign to work in Riyadh, for the rest of the details and the application method shown below

Required areas:

– Human Resources

– Business Administration. *Of

*To apply, click here .

General conditions: It should not have been employed six months ago. He is not currently an employee. He should not have previously participated in the

amhair program. – To be qualified in the Tamhair program. To be a Saudi national. – To have a diploma or higher. Skills: – Good understanding of Excel and Power Point. He is fluent in English and Arabic.

The advantages provided by the company to its employees – a reward of 3,000 riyals for the bachelor’s degree and the amount of (2000) riyals per month for the diploma holders. Covering insurance against work risks. Electronic training courses. – Certificate of experience from a goa

*A summary of the company is the National Agricultural Development Company «Nadak) is one of the largest food and agricultural companies in the Middle East region, as its activity varies between dairy products, juices and various foods such as olive oil, potatoes, corn and others that contribute to consumers every day

The company also owns one of the largest integrated dairy farms in the world located in the Nadak project in the Haradh area in Saudi Arabia for more than 200 products and more than 40 thousand outlets

Achieving a concrete development in products passes through many research and studies on developing innovative agricultural and industrial methods. In the innovation center, it employs various innovations in operational operations, after testing them and applying the highest industrial standards on them

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