Jobs announced by Qatar University in new specializations

* UniversityQatar University is the only public university in the State of Qatar, located on the northern outskirts of the capital, Doha. In 2009 it had 8,221 students, of whom 64% were female. Courses are taught in Arabic (in arts, education, and social and economic sciences courses) or English (in medicine, health sciences, pharmacy, engineering, science, and business administration).

The university currently hosts ten faculties

1/ College of Arts and Sciences

2/ College of Administration and Economics

3/ College of Education

4/ College of Engineering

5/ College of Law

6/ College of Sharia and Islamic Studies

7/ College of Pharmacy

8/ College of Medicine

9/ College of Health Sciences

10/ College of Medicine the teeth

* Establishing Qatar University *

In 1973, the Emir of the State of Qatar issued an Emiri decree establishing the first college of education in the country, as an embodiment of his vision in setting education as a priority for the development of the state. In light of the small population at the time, the college accepted 57 male and 93 female students in its first year.

The rapid development of the country has highlighted the need to expand the college, to provide additional areas of specialization in line with the requirements of the population. Therefore, in 1977, Qatar University was established and included four new faculties:

* Education,

* Humanities, Social Sciences, Sharia, Islamic Studies, and Sciences.

From here, the institution developed and expanded rapidly, with the establishment of the College of Engineering in 1980 and the College of Administration and Economics in 1985. In addition, the university established several small independent research centers, and worked to establish a national community college, Qatar Technical College.

After the completion of the establishment of Education City and Qatar Foundation in 1996, a new era of competitive options for local institutions of higher education began.

Functions and services at Qatar University were re-evaluated. In 2003, the university embarked on an ambitious reform plan to increase the efficiency of administrative and academic operations.

To this end, a university-level strategic plan 2010-2013 was launched, which includes key performance areas that focused on enhancing the quality of education and services efficiently and effectively.

The plan also renewed focus on research, leading to the establishment of the Office of Scientific Research in 2007, which has overseen a growing number of high-level space research centers.

Community service also became a major focus, and many facilities and services were enhanced and expanded to meet the needs of the public

* Qatar University Jobs *

1- Assistant Professor of Modern History. 2- Assistant teacher in physics.

3- Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics.

4- Assistant Lecturer – College of Health Sciences

5- Academic Support Specialist.

6- Associate Professor – College of Engineering.

7- Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences – Laboratory Management.

8- Pre-clinical teacher – Faculty of Medicine

9- Family medicine teacher – Clinical training.

10- Clinical teacher of internal medicine /general surgery.

11- Assistant Lecturer in Physiotherapy. 12- Assistant / Associate Professor Professor of Physiotherapy

13- Laboratory Technician.

14- Associate / Assistant Professor in International Relations / Gulf Economic Affairs

How to apply to the job via the link

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