Saudi Al-Yamamah Company announces vacancies

The establishment of Al-Yamamah Group began in the year 1372 AH 1952 AD by Sheikh Hamad bin Ammar Al-Ammar Al-Khalidi, may God have mercy on him, as a multi-activity company focused on meeting the needs of the market

Today, the company is considered one of the respected national brands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al Yamama Group relies on radical growth through natural diversification of business.

Planning and applying sound commercial principles,

as the group has implemented and operated a large number of projects in a variety of fields, including King Fahd Air Base,

the establishment of the Saudi Arabian Agricultural Bank, the SABIC Academy for Development and Knowledge, the Riyadh International Exhibition Center and others.

The company’s management is now chaired by Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad

Al-Ammar, and delegated by Sheikh Abdul Hakim bin Hamad Al-Ammar Al-Khalidi, who also holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Asharqia Chamber, and Sheikh Saad bin Hamad Al-Ammar Al-Khalidi

1952 AD:

Al-Yamamah Trading and Contracting Establishment was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

1962 AD:

The company’s journey and its first steps – registration

1982 AD:

Transformation into a limited liability company and handing over the banner of leadership to the first generation

1985 AD:

Expansion and diversification of the company’s activities, as construction became one of Main Activities

2000 AD:

The company’s vision became a reality with the transformation of Al-Yamamah Company into a leading contracting company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

* Al-Yamamah group of companies operates in a variety of fields, namel

Operations, maintenance, construction, landscapes and irrigation, general contracting sectors, roads,

bridges and railways, water networks and infrastructure, mechanical works, energy and industrial projects, environment, health protection and specialized hygiene, waste management and disposal. Including, maintenance and operation, afforestation and cultivation of green spaces, irrigation networks, sewage networks, water pumping stations,

substations, wood industry, electromechanical industries and works, petrochemical industries, real estate development and investments, technical and health services, oil and gas services.

* Conditions to be met by the applicant for work

* The applicant must have a Bachelor’s degree in Management Sciences.

* Creativity in solving problems positively.

* Have decent morals.

* Communication skills, ability to work and team participation.

* To be aware of the English language.

* Compliance with labor laws and management instructions.

* A specific position on recruitment. Obtaining a qualification suitable for the current position.

* The applicant must be an experienced or recent graduate

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