The Saudi Petromin Company offers many jobs in various fields and for all specializations

* Brief introduction about Petromin Petromin is a Saudi company, founded in 1962 according to a royal decree, and the name of the company upon incorporation was Petromin Lubricating Oil Company, as it was one of the projects of the General Corporation for Petroleum and Minerals “Petromin”, and after transferring Petromin’s share in the company to Saudi Aramco in 1997 AD, it changed Rename the company to “Saudi Arabian Lubricating Oil Company”.

* Petromin Saudi Arabia site Petromin refinery is located on the Riyadh-Al-Kharj road in the south of the city of Riyadh, where it supplies the city of Riyadh and the central region with petroleum products

Where Petromin is considered the only national oil corporation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its headquarters is in Riyadh, where it is owned by the Saudi government and its governor has the rank of minister, and bears the responsibility of a direct seller of oil on behalf of the government as it works to supply the local market with oil products, including fuel for ships and jet planes

how to apply

The legal basis outlines the objectives for which Petromin was established, the method of financing its activities and its administrative formation, as it has a board of directors comprising nine members.

The theoretical administrative basis The most prominent thing that describes this basis is its organizational history by moving from one stage to another of the stages of administrative organization

The economic basis is represented in the development and development of petroleum and mineral resources on the basis of economic benefit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Applied Administrative Basis This basis performs the planning, implementation and control activities, and it includes means of control, communication and organizational practical means that enable it to achieve the objectives of the institution.

Completion of the career development program in Petromin Continue to make efforts to increase the Saudization rate Intensify the efforts of the executive management regarding the development and training of the workforce

_ Jobs in Saudi Petromin

_ Fuel services clerk.

_Planning Engineer. Factory operator assistant.

Energy officer.

Application Administrator.

Application management engineer.

_ Database manager

_ HR employee. Senior Purchasing Analyst.

Assistant Technical Inspector.

Senior Developer (SAP).

_Cyber ​​Security Senior Analyst.

_ Senior Director of Information Technology Strategy.

_Responsible site

_Operator of the station


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