Sultan Bin Ahmed International Foundation announces the availability of various vacancies

For those looking for jobs in the Sultanate of Oman, we provide you with the Sultan Bin Ahmed International Foundation

job advertisement, which announced through its recruitment portal on its website the availability of vacancies in the Sultan Bin Ahmed International Foundation, and we publish for you the job details and the link to apply for them as shown in the advertisement The company’s official

Among the required jobs:

1 / A photographer is required.

2/ A videographer is required.

3 / A graphic designer is required.

4 / A content creator is require

Brief introduction about the Sultan Bin Ahmed International Foundation.

The Sultan Bin Ahmed International Foundation is a leading Omani digital company in the field of technology and digital marketing. It was established in 2018 and started with simple efforts and took root in the field of delivery and providing the beneficiary with service activities.

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Among the advantages offered by the Foundation to its employees

1/ Free housing

2/ Vacations for expatriates

3/ Work allowances

4/ Health and social care

5/ Comprehensive and competitive salary packages that may include salaries free of local taxes

* Papers required for job applicants

1/ A copy of the academic qualification

2/ A copy of the national ID card

3/ The passport for expatriates

4/ A copy of the military service certificate 5/ A computer birth certificate


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