Qatar Money Deposit Company announced the availability of new jobs in several fields

Qatar Central Securities Depository has launched the company responsible for providing clearing, settlement and custody services for securities

Movable Money Mortgage Register The Movable Money Mortgage Register is a public electronic database that contains information on public mortgage rights received on movable funds.

* Qatar Central Securities Depository Jobs * Internal Auditor

* Compliance Officer

* Risk Officer

* Human Resources Officer

* Customer Support Specialist

* P2P Investigation Specialist

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* Among the services provided by the company to its employees

1/ Comprehensive and competitive salary packages that may include salaries free of local taxes

2/ Full consideration of the family situation 3/ Housing allowances

4/ Assistance in educating children

5/ Free medical and dental care

Papers required for job applicants

1/ A copy of the academic qualification

2/ A copy of the national ID card

3/ The passport for expatriates

4/ A copy of the military service certificate 5/ A computer birth certificate


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