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Jobs of the global Oracle company in Qatar The global Oracle company, which is able to develop and market software products, projects, database management systems and software at the international level, has announced the availability of a number of vacancies for it in the State of Qatar for many specialties

Brief introduction about the company

is one of the largest and most important information technology companies in general and databases in particular.

* A brief history of the establishment of the company, as


Oracle was founded in 1977 by Larry Ellison, and the company has a number of customer service centers in more than 135 countries. Larry Ellison has been the CEO of Oracle for several years now, and starting in 2003, Larry worked as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the same qcompany.

Larry was impressed by Edgar Code’s paper in which Edgar dealt with databases and by customization, large databases as a database for the Social Security System, which usually contain a large number of information, so Larry created the Oracle Corporation so that he could implement the database described by Edgar in his research paper. The company that Larry founded at the time was not known by its current name “Oracle”, but it was called in 1977 “Software Development Laboratories”.lp

* Oracle Database is the main product of Oracle Corporation.

By integrating the Java software with the Oracle Database, the database enables its use for web servers and enables programmers to add their own programs to the Oracle Database to better act and control the output of the programs they use on the Web. Oracle produces database support programs such as “Oracle Designer” and “Oracle Developer” and these software tools help to write programs related to the Oracle database better and faster

* Requiredeq jops

– main account manager

– applications. Customer Success Manager. Cloud Accounts Engineer. Client success specialist.

_ executive engineer – .loop

_ Adviser . Cloud Value Sales Representative.

_ Senior Manager, Cloud Computing Engineering.

_ Communications Manager

How to apply


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