New jobs offered by Oman Oil Company

Oman Oil Company

is a commercial company wholly owned by the Government of the Sultanate of Oman, established in 1996 to search for investment opportunities in the oil, gas and energy-related fields locally and abroad.

The Oman Oil Company

plays a key role in supporting the Sultanate’s efforts, diversifying the Omani economy, and strengthening and building human cadres that support its path. More than 50 investments in 15 countries are included in the Oman Oil Company’s investment portfolio. The company manages its domestic investments through 4

Its main subsidiaries are: Oman Oil Company for Exploration and Production, Oman Oil Company for Facilities Development and Takamol Investment Company. On the other hand, the company oversees the management of foreign assets through the international investment unit of the Oman Oil Marketing Company.

It is an Omani Fuel Marketing Company, a subsidiary of Oman Oil Company owned by the Government of the Sultanate of Oman, engaged in the marketing and distribution of fuel and lubricant products, and operates in the sectors of fuel retail, direct fuel sales to the government, commercial sector, lubricants, aircraft refueling, storage and distribution.

PDO salary scale is one of the motivating salaries that are granted by oil companies, as PDO employees enjoy high wages, regardless of employee rank and grades. The Petroleum Development Oman Company is one of the most important pillars of the economy, and it has been worked with all available capabilities in order to advance the oil and gas wealth in order to secure the requirements of the entire Sultanate, so that it relies on itself in this field.

The role of the Petroleum Development Company in the Sultanate of Oman has emerged since its establishment and during the course of its development, as the production of crude oil in the Petroleum Development Company in the Sultanate of Oman ranged around 75% of crude oil.

PDO Salary Table The Petroleum Development Company in the Sultanate of Oman was distinguished as one of the best salaries that encouraged many people to apply for a job within the Petroleum Development Company in the Sultanate of Oman. These salaries were set according to several foundations, laws and regulations to suit the employees.

Working in oil development companies is considered one of the most important jobs that people desire, although it is not considered an easy job, but rather requires working hard to obtain the best production and advance the national economy.

Likewise, the jobs in the oil development companies are multiple, as they are not limited to a specific field only. The percentage of salaries varies between the various jobs in the oil development companies among the jobs that are considered the highest paid.

Jobs offered by the Omani company

1) Asset Management Coordinator.

2) Upstream and downstream solutions analyst.

3) Specialist Petrophysics Operations.

4) Well engineering specialist.

5) Director of Communications Display and Trade.

6) Business Planning and Performance Analyst.

7) Senior office manager (UAE).

8) Senior Procurement Planning Specialist. 9) Warehouse Control and Logistics Senior Specialist.

10) Senior Strategy Specialist.

11) Electrical Engineer (UAE).

12) Economist Analytics Specialist.

13) Senior Energy Management Specialist. 14) Specialized Economics.

15) Specialist strategy.

16) Refining the first operations of the specialist.

17) Specialty Modeling Basin ki

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