What is meant by oil (petroleum), what is its importance, what are its main components, and how is it extracted

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Components of the article

_ Definition of the term oil

_ Extraction of oil from the ground

_ What does the classification of oil refer

_ Components of oil in the ground

_ Where is oil extracted from

_ Importance of oil

_ Definition of the term oil itself

_ Hubert’s principle on the increase and decrease of oil

_ Products that oil is the most important source for its production

Definition of oil (petroleum)

is a natural substance extracted from geological formations in the ground, which may accumulate in them through a slow process of transformation of organic materials that lasted relatively long eras and eras.

When oil is extracted from under the surface of the earth, it is also called crude oil. Later, the crude oil undergoes a refining process to obtain different types of oil products.

* Oil is also known chemically

as oil as a complex mixture of hydrocarbons, and it differs in its appearance, composition and color greatly depending on the place of its extraction, and it is considered one of the natural raw materials.

When oil is extracted from under the surface of the earth, it is also called crude oil. Later, the crude oil undergoes a refining process to obtain different types of oil products.

When the oil is extracted, the technicians process it, which is called the process of fractional distillation, which enables it to be separated into a group of mixtures.

They are distinguished by the boiling point gradients in the distillation tower. This process is called Qittafat

What is the classification of oil due to?

Oil is classified as a fossil fuel because it is formed under the deep layers of the earth

What is the oil made of in the ground?

Oil consists in the ground of large quantities of extinct organisms such as zooplankton and algae, and the organic materials remaining from extinct animals that were buried under sedimentary rocks and then decomposed in the absence of oxygen and high pressure and temperature under the surface of the earth

Where is the oil extracted from?

Oil is extracted from its deposits in the ground, which are called oil wells, by drilling the earth’s crust after conducting a geological survey to test the porosity and permeability of the geological reservoir.

The importance of oil.

1/ Oil is an important source of primary energy, and therefore it is conventionally called (black gold) because of its high economic importance.

2/ The light cuts of it are mainly used in car and aviation fuel mixtures, while the heavy picks are used in the production of electric power, the operation of factories and the operation of heavy machinery.

3/ Also, oil is the raw material for many chemical industries of various products, including fertilizers, insecticides, plastics, fabrics and medicines.

What is meant by the term peak oil?

Peak oil is a term developed by the scientist Hubert to indicate that global oil production will reach its peak one day, and then it will fall at a rate similar to the rate of its rise before the peak when stocks are exhausted. This principle is of great importance because of its great economic consequences.

Then it decreased slightly to 68 or 69 million barrels per day

One of the sources for which oil is the most important producer*

1/ Oil and natural gas are considered one of the most important sources of energy, as oil provides fuel for various means of transportation; Like cars, trucks, and planes

2/ A main source of electrical energy in addition to its use in cooking, heating homes, and heating water.

3/ Source for the plastic industry Plastic is one of the most important main elements used in daily life, as it enters into many industries, such as: computer screens, nylon, and socks, in addition to mechanical gears

4/ Exporter of polyester. It also manufactures women’s tights, pantyhose, and nylon tights. Manufacture of color pencils: Color pencils are made of paraffin wax, which is a solid waxy substance made from petroleum.

5/ Source of chewing gum: Chewing gum is made from a mixture of petroleum derivatives, namely: polymers, polyethylene wax, and paraffin wax. Solar panels: Most of the solar panels that are used in the field of renewable energy depend on petroleum and plastic components in the manufacture of their photovoltaic cells.

6 / source of cosmetics: Cosmetics, especially lipstick, are mainly made of petroleum by-products such as: acrylate, coal tar and propylene glycol.

7/ Source for the manufacture of dyes and detergents: Petroleum derivatives are the raw materials needed for many industrial detergents and dyes.

8/ Source for other industries: such as the manufacture of ink, CDs and guitar strings

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