The Saudi Almarai Company announces vacancies in all fields and departments for both sexes lp

Almarai is the largest vertically integrated dairy company in the world and the largest food and beverage manufacturing and distribution company in the region. Almarai is headquartered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has been ranked as the No. 1 FMCG brand in the MENA region and is a leader in Market in all its categories across the GCC

Urgent Almarai Company announces the availability of (503) administrative and technical jobs for women and men who hold diplomas, bachelor’s degrees and above

(including jobs that do not require experience) according to the following titles and conditions

1/ Senior Training Specialist (Riyadh – for men and women)

-2/ Accounting Officer (for men – Al-Kharj) Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in (Accounting) or its equivalent

3/- Senior Travel Specialist (for men – Riyadh

-4/ Marketing Manager (for men – Riyadh) Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, preferably in (marketing)

5/- Second Sales Supervisor (for men – Riyadh) Requirements: Diploma with at least two years’ experience in sales or sales supervision

6/- Dairy technician (for men – Al-Kharj) Requirements: Degree Diploma in an appropriate specialty with at least two years’ experience in dairy factories – Manufacturing Manager (for men – Hail)

7/ Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in (Engineering, Food Science)

8/- Accounting Technician (for men – Khamis Mushait

9/- Accounting Technician) For men – Hail) 10/ Requirements: Bachelor’s degree (Accounting) with at least one year of experience in the same field

11/- Human Resources Officer (for men and women – Riyadh)

12- Assistant Fleet Maintenance Manager (for men – Al-Kharj) Requirements: Bachelor’s degree In (Mechanical Engineering)

13- Transport and Logistics Team Leader (for women – Al-Kharj)

14- Training Specialist (for men and women – Riyadh)

The most sought-after companies in the Gulf

1/ Kuwait Oil Company

The departments available in the company

1_ mozzarella

cheese_ canned cheddar cheese_ halloumi_ cheddar mold_ triangle cheese_ square cheese with cream_feta cheese spreadable cheese (cups)_cheese slices_butter_ghee_whipping cream_cooking cream

_2_juices apple juiceخد

_mango with mixed fruits_mixed berries_guava with pulp_strawberry_kiwis,apples_carrots_limego Al Din, Grapes, Pomegranate Juice, Orange with Pulp, Alfonso Mango, Strawberry, Mixed Fr Mango, Orang

3/_Liquid dairy

Fresh Milk, Fresh Milk, Fresh Flavored Milk, Long Life Milk, Vital Fresh Milk, Vital Laban, Lactose Free, Fresh Flavored Milk, Long Life Flavored Milk, Laban.

The salaries offered by the company to employees are considered among the highest salaries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the average salary is offered at 10,273 Saudi riyals. This number varies according to specializations. Master’s degree holders receive 20,247 riyals, doctorates 15000 and bachelors 11,714 riyals, and those who hold diplomas High 9,173 riyals

1/ The salaries of future managers of Almarai. As for the salaries of future leaders of Almarai, it amounts to 24,667 riyals.

2_ The salaries of the Almarai company for women range from 1200 riyals to 18000 riyals. The salaries of the Almarai company for women range from 1,200 to 18,000.

Among the services provided by Almarai to its employees

1/ Comprehensive and competitive salary packages that can include local tax-free salaries

2/ Full consideration of family status

3/ Housing allowances

4/ Child education assistance

How to apply

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