New jobs in Qatar Energy Company for the year 2022

Qatar Energy and it was called Qatar Petroleum or it is a Qatari company established in 1974 to be responsible for the manufacture and production of oil and gas in Qatar

The activities of Qatar Petroleum, its subsidiaries and joint ventures revolve around exploration, exploration, production, transportation, storage, marketing and sale of crude oil, natural gas liquids, gas-to-liquids, LNG, refined products, petrochemicals, fertilizers, helicopter services and financial services.

New jobs in Qatar Energy Company for the year 2022Qatar Petroleum is part of the Dolphin Gas Project, which links natural gas networks in the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar with the first transboundary natural gas pipeline in the Arabian Gulf. The project is developed by Dolphin Energy, a group owned by Mubadala Development Company on behalf of the Abu Dhabi government and Occidental Petroleum. Big progress in 2006

Among the achievements of the Dolphin Project

1/ All components of the project upstream and downstream were completed by the end of the year except for the gas processing plant located in Ras Laffan

2/ A company spokesperson announced in March 2007 that it had tested its receiving and distribution facilities in the United Arab Emirates and is expected to start operations June 2007. Dolphin Energy’s 420 km pipeline currently sends 11 million cubic meters per day of natural gas supplies from the North Field to the market

On June 12, 2022, Qatar announced a partnership agreement between the French company Total Energy, to be its first foreign partner to contribute to the development of the largest gas field in the world and thus help alleviate Europe’s energy concerns. Total Energy will have a 6.25% stake in the North East Field project, which will help Qatar to increase its production of liquefied natural gas

Qatar Energy Careers Qatar Petroleum provides excellent opportunities for individuals who are looking for jobs in a wide variety of disciplines. Qatar Petroleum is keen to attract and employ the highest calibers from all over the world to achieve excellence in this field

Services provided by Qatar Energy Petroleum

1/ Comprehensive and competitive salary packages that can include local tax-free salaries

2/ Full consideration for family status

3/ Housing allowances

4/ Child education assistance

5/ Free medical and dental care 6/ Allowance

7/ Generous annual leave with paid travel tickets to the country of origin

Other important topics that may help

1/ The Kuwait Oil Company announces the opening of new departments in the field of oil and gas and requests cadres to work in the open fields Click here

2/Saudi Aramco announces vacancies to apply click here

Documents required for applicants to work:

1 /copy of academic qualification

2 /copy of national ID card 3 passport for expatriates

How to apply


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