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King Khalid International Airport is the hub of the national air transport system in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Designed by the American Bureau of Architecture Helmut Obata and Kassabawm

The airport was opened in 1983 to be the largest airport in the world in terms of area. The airport’s land area is about 225 square kilometers. The airport bears the name of King Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who is the fourth king of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The number of lounges owned by the airport The number of passenger lounges is 5, which includes three internal lounges (two are currently operating and the other is under development) and two international lounges connected through four connecting buildings, and each of these three-plan halls have a triangular base and a floor area of ​​approximately 47,500 square meters. The length of each of the buildings connecting the halls is 168 meters and its area is approximately 25,000 square meters. The buildings contain moving paths, restaurants, canteens, offices for airlines, government agencies and commercial markets. In front of the halls, there is a three-storey public car park, which can accommodate about 8000 carsIn addition to 3600 cars on the roof.

Features of the platform

1/ It includes a central database for all operational information from various data sources at the airport.

2/ Features an airport resource management system that enables operational teams to control automatically. Scheduling of airport assets that include aircraft parking, passenger check-in counters, boarding gates and baggage conveyors

3/The platform includes a Flight Information Display System (FIDS) that provides accurate data. Displays flight information accurately and

HIA jobs

1/ data engineers

2/ group specializing in sales.

3/ Law specialist.

4/ Specialists in the field of digital.

5/ Director of Digital Specialization.

6/ Sales manager.

7/ Account manager.

8 / responsible in the field of

9 / executive director in the field of sales. 10/ Security Engineers

Among the services provided by the airport to its employees:

1/ paid annual leave

2/ housing provision

3/ social and health insurances for workers

4/ airline tickets and company expenses

Documents required for applicants to work:

1 copy of academic qualification

2 copy of national ID card

3 passport for expatriates

4 photocopy of military service certificate 5 computer birth certificate

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  1. Good morning I am having 15 year experience of office administration I would like to work in your concern.pls if you have any vacancy pls let me know

    1. Good morning I am having 15 year experience of office administration I would like to work in your concern.pls if you have any vacancy pls let me know.pls call me my India no 9843912095

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