jobs in all branches of Aramex

Aramex is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

It was established in 1982, when Fadi Ghandour and Bill Kingson established the first Arab company to be listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. Aramex is also listed on the Dubai Financial ko Market. Aramex works with approximately 8100,00 employees.

In early 2012, Aramex announced the development of ReadyREDE, a system designed to enable companies to start selling their products online.

In August 2013 the program aims to give e-commerce automatic access to many of Aramex’s services

In March 2014, Aramex announced the launch of Aramex Bio, a medical postal service in the Middle East and North Africa region. In June 2014, Aramex acquired Mail Cool Courier, an Australian courier service.

In 2019, Aramex announced its acquisition of the Saudi Tal Trading and Contracting Company to expand its business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In 20016, Aramex announced its support for the Development Pioneers Initiative, an initiative that aims to involve the private sector in stimulating community development by empowering youth and investing in society through education, civic participation and volunteering, where Aramex owns a twenty percent share in this initiative.

Vacancies provided by Aramex

1/ Security guards for the company

2/ Vacant jobs offered by a company in Aramex

3/ As you need in the Airline Department, graduates of the College of Aviation

4/ Job data entry

5/ Mobile network engineers

6/ The job is a heavy equipment driver

Among the services provided by Aramex also:

1/ The company provides air freight services with high quality and at the lowest costs

2/ The company provides shipping service and express delivery of documents and parcels

3 / The company provides air transport services around the world to meet the needs and requirements of customers as soon as possible

4/ The company provides a tracking service Transferred shipments first hand to ensure the safety of their arrival

Documents required for applicants to work:

1/ copy of academic qualificatio

2/ copy of national ID card

3/ passport for expatriates

4/ photocopy of military service certificate 5 /computer birth certificate

Advantages of working in Aramex

1/ Paid annual leave

2/ Providing housing

3/ Social and health insurances for workers

4/ Air tickets and company expenses

How to apply


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