Update vacancies offered by Kuwait Oil Company

Information about the Kuwait Petroleum Companies The Kuwait Oil Company, pronounced as KOC, is one of the subsidiaries of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and is the only company authorized to carry out oil production and exploration operations inside Kuwait.

History of the Kuwait Oil Company The Kuwait Oil Company Ltd. was founded in 1934 by the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, now known as the British Petroleum Company and the Gulf Oil Company. and natural gas

In 2005, the excellent light crude oil was discovered in the Sabriya field, and the discovery of API 52 crude oil according to the specifications of the American Petroleum Institute was a quantum leap for the company’s exploration capabilities

Update vacancies offered by Kuwait Oil Company

In 2006, gas was discovered in deep Jurassic reservoirs in Rahiya, Mitribah, Umm Naqah and other fields across Kuwait. These discoveries fulfilled Kuwait’s long-standing dream of becoming self-sufficient in the field of gas that can be used for power generation.

Vacancies in the Kuwait Petroleum Company One of the Kuwaiti petroleum companies announced its need for a number of young people with higher and middle qualifications for many specialties, including employees

1/ accounts

2/ accountants

3/ transport workers

4/ data entry

5/ security guards

6/ legal affairs staff

Advantages of working in Kuwait Company 1/ Paid annual leave

2/ Providing housing

3/ Salary starting from 200 dinars and up to 400 dinars

4/ Recruiting the family after two years of work

5/ Social and health insurances for workers

6/ Air tickets and expenses on the company

Documents required for applicants to work:

1/ copy of academic qualification

2/ copy of national ID card

3/ passport for expatriates

4/ photocopy of military service certificate 5 /computer birth certificate

Among the other jobs most searched for in the Gulf

1/ Bahrain Airlines announces its need for workers in several fields

2/ Marina Mall Qatar announces the opening of new jobs in the newly opened departments

How to applyr


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  1. I’m Proud to work in your company
    more than 20 years experianc in Quality department
    Thanks for your reading

  2. Hamed zakaria
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    Jizan, Saudi Arabia
    Hamed zakaria
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    LAST CV UPDATE: 2022-10-13
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    مراقب عام صيانه :Target Job Title
    Career Level: Director/Head
    Target Job Location: Jordan; UAE; Qatar; Saudi Arabia; Kuwait; Lebanon
    Notice Period:
    Date of Birth 15 March 1964 (Age: 58)
    Gender Male
    Nationality Egypt
    Residence Country Jizan, Saudi Arabia
    Visa Status Residency Visa (Non-Transferable)
    Name in Arabic زكريا حامد
    Marital Status Married

  3. Residing in Saudi Arabia, I work in the Department of Mechanical, Fire Fighting, Gas and Air Conditioning Works ..

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