The latest vacancies at ADNOC, UAE

About AdnkADNOC Distribution has been established as the first company owned by the government of the United Arab Emirates to market and distribute petroleum products and services in the UAE at the regional and global level.As one of the largest and most innovative petroleum companies in the region, ADNOC is a reputation and respect as a result of the high quality and confidence that its products and services enjoy by customers.

provides the company \”Energy for Life\” at the UAE level, whether on land or sea.

ADNOC is the leading operator of service stations in the UAE; She is operating the only fuel stations in both the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. ADNOC Distribution Service Network Monthly more than 19 million visits to more than 430 service stations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and SharjahAjman, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah

The provider and pioneering distributor for fuel services for commercial, governmental and defense sectors in the UAE, especially in Abu Antelope provides refueling services and related services in seven international airports in the country.

The services that provide them with ADNOC1/The company provides before our customers the opportunity to refuel, shop, change their vehicle oils and wash them in its service stations.2/It also provides them with vehicle care services through the \”Autozref\” centers, as well as the possibility of examining them in their vehicle technical examination centers,3/It also provides liquefied gas cylinders for homes in the various emirates of the country4/The company markets our lubrication oils on the \”ADNOC Voyager\” brand, which is committed to keeping pace with the highest international standards.

The company focuses more on the following areas

1/Car washing, switching oils and tire service

2/Providing an exclusive service for vehicle technical examination in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi3/The company has a specialized factory for lubricants and packaging with high specifications that are marketed locally and regionally

Most Wanted Jobs in the Company

1/ Corporate Tax Manager

2/ Senior Internal Auditor (CCA)

3/ Senior Analyst, Upstream System Archiving Project Coordinator

4/ Manager and Talent Reporting Requirements (5 UAE Nationals / UAE) Senior Specialist, CCA (Projects and catering)

6/Safety Systems Solutions Engineer Senior Specialist, Production Optimization 7/Data Scientist (UAE National) Senior Specialist, Internal Communications (UAE National)

8/Sales Manager (CNG) Laborer (Fueling) – (UAE National)

9/Leader Team, Drilling Equipment and Materials (UAE National)

10/ Wireline Services Manager B (UAE National)

12/ Corporate Governance Consultant (Executive Secretariat)

11/ Security Specialist

13/ Senior Project Manager (Industrial)

14/ Drilling Operations Supervisor (UAE National)

15/ Senior Engineer, Safety (UAE National) 16/ Team Leader, Water Well Driller

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