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Bahrain Air commenced operations on February 1, 2008 as a low-cost airline but changed its business model to full service by early 2010. It made the inaugural flight on February 3, 2008 from Bahrain to Dubai.

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In addition to the success of the Kingdom of Bahrain in establishing airlines that have won the approval of all passengers on its airlines, in addition to the obvious impact of the aviation sector in support and economic development, in addition to encouraging the private sector, and this has resulted in economic growth and prosperity despite the decline in natural features within the Kingdom such as small area and population A few and also a lack of diversity of resources, but these matters contributed to a serious effort to create a cooperative and supportive environment for each other and focus on other areas that help in the advancement and growth of the reality of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The aviation sector has also been taken care of in particular due to its clear positive effects on the rest of the sectors such as tourism, transport, trade and industry.

Required jobs in Bahrain Airlines

1/ Facilities Management – Security Guards

2/ Chefs of both sexes

3/ Marshall Head of ICT Support

/4 Senior Analyst Strateg

5/ Aviation Analyst-

6/ Aviation Revenue

7/ Baggage Service Manager

8/ Administrator First services

9 / baggage handling system

10 /heavy equipment engineers

11 / heavy equipment driver.

Among the services that airlines provide to its employees:

1/ health and social care

2/ part-time / full-time for those who wish to do so

3/ vacations of up to two to 3 months for expatriates

4/ allowances for work and housing for workers

Required conditions

1/ Integrated physical health

2/ The age of the applicant for work is not less than 20 and not more than 55 years 3 / Experience in the field applied for is require

How to apply

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